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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shamela Library: Upgrade To Latest Version

shamela library
"Maktaba e shalema" is a name of electronic books library which contains about 5000 books in Arabic in old version. And the operators are uploading its new versions regularly. Since a long I wished that, I will write in full package about “MAKTABA SHAMELA”, if time support me. But I can’t. So, I guess that, I have to write about its numerous side, and these columns will be a full package to using of understanding “MAKTABA SHAMELA”. Now I’m going to share, how to upgrade old version to latest versions. And it’s the main and important thing for who’re using “MAKTABA SHAMELA”. So follow the instruction simply for this task :--
(1) At first download the latest version from shamela website. Like, for downloading 3.48 version click HERE. (its last version for this time).
(2) Now copy the upgrade file to old shamela main folder. Like:

(3) Run upgrade file. Then it become upgraded to new version. And ready to use.
shamela library

(4) Now copy “user.mbd” file from program file of old version, to “files” folder of upgrade file folder. Like the shoot
shamela update 01

(5) Now you can uninstall old version by using add/remove option. After this process old version files will deleted but it not effect on latest version. Because it’s became a portable version, which can be used without installing. You can use it, just by clicking shortcut icon.
shamela update 02